Message of our Executive Dean

As you all are aware, several institutions have been established over the years to cater to A/L qualified students by offering affiliated degrees from a number of universities around the globe. Students and parents are often overwhelmed by the choices available and often make the wrong decision when selecting a tertiary education institute. This is a life-changing decision that requires us to ask: Do these institutions have proper affiliations with recognized and accredited universities? What is the involvement of the parent institution in ensuring that the right quality is maintained?

Quality assurance is questionable in many institutions and can pose various problems for students when they are about to find their employment or go into further education. Another relevant concern is affordability. Many institutes that offer foreign qualifications in Sri Lanka are profit-oriented organizations that treat university education as a business, and a business alone. This leads to the exploitation of students who pay large sums of money for degrees from universities of low ranking and recognition. Resorting to the use of extensive marketing, sometimes with a lack of honesty and transparency is not uncommon. To paint the worst-case scenario, hidden costs in the fine print can result in students facing financial difficulties and even being unable to complete their degrees.

Having said that, what is needed is a transition from a purely-business orientation to one of a greater-service orientation. While private institutions are businesses and need to be self-financing, it is possible to provide quality education without exploiting and short changing students. At Northshore, our education philosophy is to provide the students a quality education at an affordable cost by combining classroom theory with real-life practical experience so that our students are prepared for rapid career advancement in today’s world. Our role will be to inspire and train students to become capable, confident and independent life-long learners.

As the Executive Dean of Northshore, I will assure all students of a warm welcome and the personal attention they need to achieve future success in their chosen field of study. In addition, our partner university, UWE, will play an active role by visiting Northshore regularly and providing students with academic support as well as career guidance. At Northshore, we all are active, prodigious and innovative, be that in upgrading our academic offerings, exchanges of students and faculty or in engaging and serving our communities. We at Northshore are determined to make a difference. This is a pledge we make to you, to our students, to our respective disciplines, to our societies and to the world at large.